尾花藍子 OBANA Aiko

                      photo by Hiroshi Suminaka
東京都出身 東京都在住。

2012年、シェアハウス&スタジオ<LAB83>を設立。 2015年、ダンスカンパニー<ときかたち>を立ち上げる。

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Born in Tokyo. Founder of the dance company "ときかたち(TOKIKATACHI)". Manager of the shared house&studio  "LAB83". Upon graduation from art college, Obana started her career as choreographer and director. Her performances are like abstract paintings with numerous layers of colors. With the use of the space and bodies, Obana intends to draw translucent still images on stage. These accumulated images may evoke the audience to see them as a new complex abstract drawing. Nominated for the Young Director's Concour 2014 by Japan Directors Association.Finalist for the Competition I of Yokohama Dance Collection 2016.

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